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eb assignment

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Wide variety of ecommerce revenue models.

Different revenue models are appropriate for different types of business.

Businesses can adjust revenue models to meet changing needs of customers.

Important to coordinate activities across all distribution channels.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reflective writing lecture 6

Today Monday 28 may 2012

Lecture 6 – Supply Chain Management

Topics covered about:

-         Creating value via the supply chain.

All suppliers, transportation and brokers are combined to provide a material to a business. Supply chain management is the process of taking an active role in working with suppliers.

-         Benefits of using web technologies in supply chain management.

All people can share the information about customer demand fluctuations. Can received updated product design changes rapidly. Can make fast and easy payment transactions. Save cost and safe in entering transaction data process.

-         Materials tracking technologies.

Using optical scanners and barcodes for make a transaction processing system. Allows inventory record data flow to be managed. Small chips are used to track the inventory items.

-         Ultimate consumer orientation.

All member of a supply chain always have the strong negotiations to the customer focus. Communications can be improved by using internet technologies and it helps a lots.

-         Building and maintaining trust.

Trust is the important issue in performing supply chain group. All suppliers can keep in contact with customers cheaply and more easily. Give the right access to comprehensive information for helping to create the trust.

Test 2

Chapter 5 & 6

Question 1

Most of the companies now using electronic data interchange to do business information. Using direct materials can communicate directly to each other for purchasing product. Direct materials are those materials which are easily too identified, conveniently measured and directly charged to the cost of production. It is also part of the finished product. Examples of direct materials are cotton in case of shirt making. Cotton made of different suppliers. They made cotton for making shirt, pants and all about factory of outlets.

Indirect materials are those materials which cannot be conveniently identified and allocated to the cost centre or cost unit. It does also not form part of the finished product. Examples of indirect materials are bottom in case of shirts making. Shirts making are different from making cotton. Most of shirt making is from factory outlets, which is produces fabrics wear.

Question 2

The reasons a buyer might have for wanting to participate in an industry consortium marketplace instead of setting up its own private company marketplace is because to attract customer to buy a things that related products between both companies. Both of the companies are set strategies for make an attraction about the products which is related. They also think about the budget reducing and share all the profit, rent, transportation, places and customers. They also sharing a products briefing to increase a good management issues and make customers interested to the products. They can make less recruitment of workers to save up budget and no need to have a big place for open a shop. This all of the reasons are one of the strategies, business technique and cooperation that makes a profit for both of them. These business techniques are useable for joint venture businesses association. 

Question 3

RFID technology was first used in World War II to differentiate between friendly and enemy aircraft. Over the years this technology has evolved and been applied to animal tracking and identification, speed pass lanes on toll roads, building security access, and for electronic payment processing at gas stations. The basic components of any RFID system include:

  • Tags—Also called transponders, these can be either active with their own means of sending a signal, or passive, relying upon the tag reader to provide the power necessary to generate the response signal. The signal could be a simple identification number stored in a read-only tag or a complex data stream that includes additional data stored within the tag's memory. These more complex tags could contain such data items as manufacture date, lot number, serial number, or even built-in sensors to track average storage temperatures or other data.

  • Readers—also called interrogators, come in various configurations depending on the location, environment, and scanning area coverage required. A reader is used to identify all tags within its reception coverage area. Readers require some intelligence for aggregating and smoothing the tag data.


Radio frequency identification device technology is one of the high technology were used to track things that useful for every industries. For example in the old days, in World War II were been used to detect something differentiate between enemies and friend aircraft signal sign. This technology can also tracking and identify all the electronic data which been used by others industries. They also can track speeding limits, security accesses, transaction processing system and all the electronic devices that have been used for the modern technologies. Most of the automation and the accuracy using radio frequency identification device are very highly accurate.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reflective writing

Marketing strategies

In this marketing strategies lecture 3, there are covered with 6 topics. All of these topics were teach us how to know about marketing strategies.

1.     Product-based marketing strategies

2.     Customer-based marketing strategies

3.     Market segmentation

4.     Customer behavior

5.     Acquisition, conversion and retention of customers

6.     Customer relationship management (CRM)

They are four types of essential issues of marketing:

-         Product

-         Price

-         Promotion

-         Place

Make a different marketing strategies can be useful for focusing on either products or customer. It is important to select the right focal point or media for make a communicating with customers. All the segmentation plays a key role in the effectively marketing strategies. All the plans must be organized and developed in well because it important to retaining all the customers. Customer relationship management are all designed to encourage customer to buy something that valuable and it can make a major in customizing relationships between the vendors and online customers.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflective Writing

Chapter 5 eCommerce business to business

Today is Monday 21st may 2012. Today I learn about ecommerce business to business topic in chapter 5. It covers 6 topics about ecommerce business to business.

One of the topics is purchasing activities. All companies can use ecommerce to improved purchasing and logistic processes. They must know who’s the suppliers and solving issues after the order has been received to the buyers.

Second one is logistics activities. Logistics activities are providing the right goods in the right quantities in the right place at the right time. For example the products must be in a good condition, product is send to the right person and arrived at the right place.

Third one is support activities. Enhancing support activities via web technology for example all the information must be secure and make a training material through online.

Fourth one is eGovernment. Provide a connection with the people to interact online with the government. Increase the availability of information for example rules, scheme, government projects and laws.

Fifth one is EDI. EDI is stand for Electronic Data Interchange. It means all the information and dealing using electronic devices for example billings, quotation form, invoice and reports receiving letters. All this has been approved by the ASC X12 (America National standards institute) for example ISO 2001.

Sixth one is value-added network (van). They provide communications equipment, software and skills. For example computer equipment, gift the additional stuff which is not important at all.


All these things are must be accurate and easy to understand. We must know the suppliers before we are dealing with the buyers. Evaluate all the suppliers before we choose it. Using electronic data interchange can radically improve all the transfer of business information. All this method are paperless trading.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Test 1

Chapter 4

Question 1

One of the retail stores that have a web site in Brunei is Concepts computer store. Concepts commercial suppliers online was established in 1999 to meet the fast growing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) needs of Negara Brunei Darussalam. The objective was to provide system for end users and IT solutions to businesses. There insists on nothing but the original and latest technology at the most affordable price. Concepts computer also provide a simple products such as printer ink cartridges to complex services such as internet servers, local area network and even wide area network. They also provide cost effective hardware and software solutions that meet the needs of the market place. They are targeting to be the market leader in the local IT industry. These retail stores were located at kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan. It comprises of Showrooms, Technical Service Centre, Warehouse and Assembly Division, Administrative Office and Corporate Sales Division.


Concept computer store are one of the retail store in Brunei Darussalam using a web site to advertise they products. They are targeting to be the market leader in the local IT industry.

Question 2

The main forces that led to the commercialization of the internet are the process of information sharing among users and researchers. To search information that useful for internet users, such as news, businesses, job vacancies and etc. Provide the Information that can be trusted and accurately. Make people satisfied of the products that what their saw on the website and make the appearance looks interesting to view. 


Internet is the process of information sharing among people. Search something that useful for knowledge. Make users interested to use it. 

Question 3

One of the two possible services for fee is using DST broadband services. Using a DST GO! Broadband is wireless internet access and a landline telephone connection through one device. Go Broadband an exciting way for you to get connected to the internet, anytime, anywhere. DST also provides a high speed internet surfing, music download, video streaming and whatever you want from the internet, wherever you want.

The second services are KRISTAL-ASTRO is Brunei’s only operator of multi-channel pay television service. This is a joined venture between DST Brunei and Astro Malaysia. Their provides digital direct to home satellite television, providing over 100 channels of digital quality satellite television, radio programs and other interactive services. So both services are make a profit for both side and the risk of losses is when we don’t use it in the right way.


Attract people using services for fee is business strategy. All these promotions are making a profit and risk of losses. So from this service is useful for the future investment. 

Question 4

Web site design is so important for customer, because it is use to advertised, knowledge and share news for the entire customer. So from the web site we can know everything whatever we want. So a web site must be easy to know and share the content that makes a customer interested. From the content, the web site can be more useful and easy to understand.

For example one of the Webs is DST is the privatization of the communication services in Brunei Darussalam. Their also provide a web site to share information about communication services. But somehow the information is hard to reach because of the system error or maybe the content is not up to date. 


Web site design is one way to do something that useful for the users. Web site is to share about knowledge and doing a business by online. All the content must be accurate and trusted. 

Question 5

Mass media

Mass media is media which is intended for a large audience. It may take the form of broadcast media, as in the case of television and radio, or print media, like newspapers and magazines. Media is most approachable way for common people. It depends on media type, ad size, distribution, circulation or reach, prices can range considerably.

Personal contact

Promoting products on the web is different from using personal contact. Promoting products using personal contact is the one way to do, we just have to know the personal contact number or email address. For example we promote a fishing rod to our friend.  We can just contact and call them directly for asking to attend a product briefing. But sometimes not all people will come because some of them are busy or not plan to coming.

The web

Most of people now are using internet to share knowledge, advertised own product and anything what we want to share with. Like promoting products on the web is the one of the alternative way to advertised. For example promoting a fishing rod through web is easier and effective way to do. We just need to organized the products and make a strategy about the advertising. Make the products so interesting to view and be one of the trusted web.


Promoting products using mass media, personal contact and the web is the way to advertised something. This 3 way have the advantages and disadvantages. It depends to the seller, which one of the effective ways to advertise the products.